Nancy snogs Hannah!

Hannah gets hammered at the SU Bar to get over Justin and dances on the tables. Nancy and Zoe worry about Hannah’s mood swings but Hannah fobs them off. Nancy is missing Russ and to show off she snogs Hannah when Lydia cheekily suggests that Nancy could have lesbian tendencies. Hannah thinks Nancy is treating her as a joke and lashes out and when Gilly comforts her she tries to kiss him!

Josh goes out on the pull with his new best mate Dave and he tries his hardest to impress him. Dave tries it on with Hannah and Gilly takes it upon himself to look out for her and see him off. Josh manages to get a number from a girl but he gives them to Gilly, saying he’s not interested in anything serious for the time being.

Lauren goes off with Wade after seeing Newt kissing Theresa and Anita and Ricky head back to the village after arguing with Newt and Theresa about who’s to blame. Leo sees Anita in the village and wants to know what the teens have been up to. The gang are eventually safely reunited, but Lauren tries to make Newt jealous with Wade, and he seems to be falling for it…

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