Nancy starts her new job

Nancy arrives for her shift in The Loft but Frankie is appalled to discover she’s working there, and tries to force her to leave. Determined to carry on, Nancy is further irritated by Ravi who takes great pleasure in winding her up. At the end of the night, Louise invites Nancy to stay behind for a drink, where she proceeds to manipulate Nancy into believing Jake killed Sean.

Mercedes arrives at The Loft, looking for a repeat performance with Ravi but her pride is dented when he rejects her. Determined to pull, Mercedes heads to The Dog but ends up talking to Russ. Feeling lonely, Mercedes misconstrues the situation and is left feeling even worse when he rejects her too.

Tony returns home and makes things up with Jacqui, until another row erupts over Mandy. Elsewhere, the tension is stressing Tina out. She and Jacqui have a heated argument over the surrogacy, and Tina becomes upset when Jacqui forces the issue of drawing up a contract. Unable to cope with Jacqui’s rage, Tina and Dom move back to the McQueens’ where a devastated Tina tries to find a way out of her deal with Jacqui, looking up adoption agencies on the internet.

Also, Newt stops Eli from attacking Louise.

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