Nancy’s upset when Jake slams the door in her face when she attempts to discover why he moved out. Later, Jake finds solace at the SU Bar – aggrieved that Nancy hasn’t made more of an effort to get him back. Meanwhile, Nancy is disturbed to learn that Jake has been watching her every move, leaving her confused and bewildered by his attitude.

Desperate for cash, Darren is tempted to have one more go at the Casino. However, while he’s carrying the night’s takings from the Dog to the bank, he’s mugged by a hooded figure in broad daylight, who leaves him with a black eye. Sympathetic Jack offers to pay for a night out to cheer him up, but Darren later meets his assailant in the village to demand all of the stolen cash back.

Ste persuades Fletch to skip sixth form and the pair smoke weed at the flat. However, when Amy unexpectedly returns, the lads panic and Fletch quickly hides the bag of weed in Leah’s nappy. Ste manages to distract Amy and orders Fletch to do something with the weed. However he’s horrified when Fletch reveals he’s flushed the drugs – and Ste’s only source of income – down the toilet.

Also, Carmel gets into her new role as a Police Community Support Officer.