Nancy stumbles on Ravi and Kris

Ravi agrees to be the star of Kris‘s final radio show, and live on air, their banter flows with strong undertones of sexual attraction. Later, Kris is thrilled when Ash bails the show out at the eleventh hour and thanks Ravi for the part he suspects he played in it. After a night partying, Ravi takes Nancy home to bed when Kris turns up on his doorstep. They resist the urge to kiss but have to spring apart when a drunken Nancy stumbles upon them…

Lauren is thrilled to discover Newt has decorated the den with candles for a night of romance. But their evening is interrupted by the arrival of Cindy who is thrilled to have something over Newt. She blackmails him into doing her washing, and in return she’ll keep quite about his little love nest.

Cindy is looking forward to her final trip to visit Darren in prison and persuades Steph to accompany her. Steph finally comes face to face with Darren and a tentative truce is reached.

Elliot finds Malachy and Mercedes‘ company uncomfortable when their love-making spills out into the communal area. Finding himself caught up with a semi-naked Mercedes, he seeks solace in his room.

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