Nancy is upset after leaving her home behind, but upon arriving at the Osbornes she makes tea for the kids before they go to the prom and everyone, even Frankie, offers her praise. But when Nancy clumsily spills leftovers on Ruby’s prom dress, chaos ensues and it’s obvious that with so many people under one roof, fireworks look to be a regular occurrence in this household. But at least Frankie and Nancy are making an effort to get on.

With nothing more to lose after being sacked, Will helps Bart sneak into the O’Connors where he tells Sinead he’s taking her to the alternative prom.

A delighted Sinead sneaks out and they arrive at the alternative prom on Bart’s scooter. The pair enjoy their perfect teen night together, without any hassle from Diane. They wish Diane wouldn’t keep them apart and resolve that the only solution is to run away together.

Also; It looks like three-timing love rat Ethan is about to get his comeuppance when Liberty and Theresa hatch a plan to get even.

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