Nancy is on edge when Shirley returns to work at The Vic. Desperate to know what went on between Mick and Dean, Nancy badgers her dad. When Mick won’t give her a straight answer, Nancy finally blurts out her fear – that Mick got rid of Dean’s body.

Ian and Jane prepare to go on honeymoon to get out of the Square for a bit. With Peter still missing, Ian is reticent to leave before he returns. When Keeble turns up at the door, Ian and Jane hide their panic, but she’s just there about Nick. Keeble reveals that with no new leads, they’ll have to scale down the hunt for Lucy’s murderer.

Lauren wants to move in with Tanya in Devon, asking Abi to go too. Abi refuses to leave, instead tricking Ben into letting her move into the Mitchells. When Peter turns up, revealing he’s going to move to New Zealand and wants her to come with him, Lauren is shocked.

Also, Denise makes up with Kim, who is in bits over Pearl, as the baby has developed an infection. In a bid to get Dot out of custody, Charlie confesses the whole sorry story about Nick to the police and is stunned when Keeble arrests him for assisting an offender!