Nancy wants rid of Sienna

Nico is desperate for revenge after Sienna’s rejection. She researches the history between Nancy and Sienna and manipulates her way into Nancy’s affections. Meanwhile, Leela gets Sienna a receptionist job at the garage but when Nancy finds out she’s furious and storms over to the garage, resulting in Sienna being sacked. Sienna knows Nico had something to do with Nancy finding out and tells her to leave her alone. Nico attacks Nancy by pushing barrels on top of her and drops Sienna’s bracelet nearby to set her up. Nico feels guilty but her plan works when Sienna is arrested for the attack on Nancy.

It’s Danny’s birthday and Peri decides she wants to get her parents back together. Danny turns up at the house for dinner but nobody wants him there, apart from Peri. Leela makes Peri promise not to see him anymore.

Jason hassles Stan for more steroids but doesn’t have enough money. Stan asks Jason to stash some gear at the Roscoes’ house for him, in return for more juice. He eventually agrees.

Blessing and Dennis agree to be friends when he helps her with her election campaign and she’s delighted when she gets a letter from the hospital about her surgery. Tony promises to be by her side and they hug, seen by Sinead.