After a successful date, Darren and Leela are about to kiss when Nancy bursts into the restaurant to reel off a list of habits that annoy her about Darren. However, the last thing on her list is that she still loves him and wants him back. They kiss, just as Sienna returns… Nancy launches at Sienna and throws a bucket of soapy water over her. Nancy is arrested, but Sienna lies about what happened to get her cleared. Darren promises that nothing will come between him and Nancy again and moves back into The Dog.

Robbie is at the police station after deciding to tell the truth. Finn catches up with him and threatens him not to grass. Robbie sees drunk John Paul in the village. Compelled by guilt and sympathy, Robbie genuinely apologises to his teacher. Nana takes John Paul to the pub where Peri is having her 14th birthday party. Nana defends John Paul to Diane, prompting Peri to admit he attacked her too. The Lomaxes are disgusted that Sam knew and told Peri to keep quiet.

Sandy and Robbie are delighted when Jason is released with a Youth Rehabilitation Order. However, Maxine is left dealing with the consequences from yesterday’s betrayal.

Meanwhile, it looks like love is in the air for Carmel and Sonny.