Nancy’s left fuming!

Her scheming continues and Nancy is furious when she comes home to find Darren and Ruby hugging and Darren holding a bra! Leanne ropes Texas into dressing up and going to the Drama Ball. She lies that her attacker stole her engagement ring and, reminded of India’s death, Texas gives her sympathy. However, Texas is furious when she finds Leanne’s ring on the side.

Darren and Nancy have their hands full at the Osbornes with the house full of kids! Ruby wraps Darren round her little finger and when he agrees she can have some friends round she proceeds to invite everyone she knows…

Ethan and Doug get drunk and become philosophical. Their drunken behaviour gets out of hand when Ethan decides to show how spontaneous he is and gets his nipple pierced!

Also, Ricky reveals to Duncan that he’s no longer a virgin – he lost it to Ruby!

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