Matt discovers that his security guard gig is actually for Dimato Industries and is forced to resign. Unable to keep up with the mortgage repayments, Matt is forced to confess about taking a second job to Lauren. Lauren is devastated and insists that they ask the kids to help them out financially. Matt reluctantly agrees, but when Amber gets on the phone to make the transfer, she finds out the money is gone.

Having bailed Tyler out of jail, Brennan is surprised to learn his kid brother is in town. He seeks Toadie’s advice who suggests that Tyler might need a role model and Brennan agrees to let Tyler stay with him and apply for the job at the garage, on the condition he pays his own way.

Naomi goes to Brennan and makes her intentions clear… but is mortified when Tyler emerges from the bedrooms, interrupting. When Tyler later tells Brennan to have some fun, Brennan decides to take his little brother’s advice and he and Naomi finally get it on.