Naomi faces the backlash

Stunned Lucas watches a group of boys throw a chair at the window of Naomi’s caravan and warns them off. Later, Alf and Brad comfort Naomi, with Brad telling her that she’ll face more aggression if she stays to fight the Education Department. Naomi makes it clear that she won’t leave or change her mind.

Angry Jack confronts Naomi, and pleads with her to do the right thing by Lucas. Later, Brad is taken aback when she hands in her resignation. Naomi then encourages Lucas to find a way to forgive Tony.

Kit is surprised when Matilda tells her she’s scared Ric is having an affair with a mystery woman. Later, Kit discovers Ric fixed the mystery woman’s car in order to get Beth’s engagement ring fixed, and Ric and Matilda are reunited.

Kim and Rachel treat themselves to a romantic night at a luxury resort in an effort to reignite their relationship. But Kim’s thoughts turn to Kit and he calls her, unaware that Rachel is outside, trying to call Hugh. Later, Kim is thrown when Rachel admits she wants them to try and have a child together. But he’s further stunned when Kit announces she’s taking baby Archie and leaving the Bay.

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