Naomi gains from Tyler’s proposition

Josh declines Sue Parker’s indecent proposal and focuses on the results of Amber’s amnio test. Thankfully, all is well, and Josh asks Amber out for coffee. Later, when Josh is talking to Amber online as “Young Mum 97”, Amber confides that she thinks Josh is hopeless with money. Wanting to clear his debts, Josh reconsiders taking up Sue Parker’s offer until Naomi gives him some money. His information might just give her the leverage she needs to get the council job.

When one of Sheila’s staff members makes a crack about Terese’s excessive drinking, Terese tells Sheila to mind her own business. But later, Brad suggests they do “Alcohol-Free August” and she reluctantly agrees.

When Tyler is forced to abandon the men’s shed and find somewhere else to live, Karl tries to get him to open up about his issues with his father.

Paige hears a noise in the house and when she spots her punching bag eerily swinging, she’s overcome with a horrible feeling that her stalker is back.