Naomi gets bad news

Following the newspaper expose about Naomi, Brad and Sally are shocked to find that Colleen was the source of the story. A distraught Naomi insists that she be allowed to carry on teaching, but Sally warns her to keep a low profile. Later, Brad is forced to break the news that the Education Department wants her to stand her down pending an inquiry into her conduct.

Elsewhere, oblivious Lucas is stunned to be greeted as a hero for sleeping with his teacher. Furious, he confronts Naomi in front of her class, but is left confused when he sees Naomi’s obvious distress at his accusations. Tony attacks Colleen for meddling and Irene warns her not to tell the media about Naomi and Tony’s affair.

Lucas heads to Naomi’s caravan to have it out with her but is shocked to see a group of young boys outside, shouting and jeering at Naomi to let them in. Inside, tense Naomi is feeling very alone and scared.

Also, Matilda worries when she spots an attractive older woman kissing Ric on the cheek before they get into her car and drive away. Is Ric having an affair?

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