Naomi leaves Josh out in the cold

Josh and Naomi’s secret affair is helping Josh get over Amber, and boosting Naomi’s battered self-esteem. But when they make the most of Naomi’s empty house, and Sheila and Georgia arrive home unexpectedly, Naomi shoves a naked Josh out the back door.

Bailey is desperate to perform well in Erinsborough’s first ever “Story Slam” as it will improve his public speaking abilities and help him get into Space Camp. A concerned Susan tells him to forget everything he’s been told and just speak from his heart. Taking this advice, Bailey bravely takes to the stage and succeeds in wowing the crowd.

After their physical fight, neither Imogen nor Amber is willing to apologise. Unable to admit that she’s jealous of Amber and Daniel’s relationship, Imogen enters the “Story Slam”, and attacks the couple yet again. In response, Amber also enters and uses her time on stage to deliver a heartfelt apology. But Imogen can’t forgive that easily and tells Amber she wants to buy her share of the car, making it clear that if Amber refuses, she will sue for full custody.