Naomi checks in with Toadie after learning Sonya’s gone away with Nell for the weekend, and Toadie’s glib brave-facing convinces her he’s pleased Sonya’s gone. Toadie invites Naomi for dinner, and they get along like a house on fire – until Naomi demonstrates how to get out of a wrestling move, landing on top of Toadie. Being so close to him, she takes it as a sign, laying a kiss on him.

Daniel runs from his kiss with Amber, feeling guilty about being the other guy, while Amber hates herself. Daniel seeks counsel from his mum via phone, but she’s not around.

Karl overhears, and asks him to go skateboarding where he commends Daniel for his friendship with Josh, piquing Daniel’s guilt. Later in the darkroom, Daniel tells Amber he will abide by whatever decision she makes and the pair kiss again.

After witnessing the weirdness between Sonya and Toadie, Georgia and Kyle are rattled, leading Georgia to compile a list of all the reasons couples break up. Brennan tells them the worst possible thing that could happen – happened to him but he’d do it again because he got to share part of his life with Kate. This reminds Kyle and Georgia of how lucky they are and their faith is renewed.