Naomi makes trouble for Brad

Brad is beside himself with nerves when Jane Wallis, from the Department of Education, arrives to investigate Brad’s handling of the Naomi Preston affair. Brad feels worse when he discovers Naomi has returned to the Bay to take part in the investigation. She reminds him of her ultimatum – if he doesn’t support her version of events, she’ll reveal the real reason he left his last job.

Despite Naomi’s blackmail threat, Brad tells Jane the truth about how Naomi tried to keep her history with Lucas a secret. In response, Naomi follows through with her threat, leaving Sally shocked to learn that Brad was caught with drugs at this last school. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Naomi he’s over her, but he’s clearly affected by her re-appearance in the Bay.

Bruce tries to pressure Sally and Tony into discouraging Geoff from playing football. But when he’s unsuccessful, he stirs up trouble for Sally at the P & C Meeting by telling the crowd that Sally and Brad are setting a bad example for the students by living in sin.

Sally sees Jane is shocked by the news that she’s in a relationship with Brad, and worries that the glowing report she gave Jane about Brad will now seem duplicitous.

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