Matt is surprised when Naomi retracts her statement. But now Dimato’s threatening Sheila – Naomi can’t risk it. However, when Sheila discovers what Naomi’s done, she’s appalled and orders her to re-submit her statement. Naomi does so and, emboldened by her action, she invites Brennan over for a spa. Brennan accepts and things heat up between them.

Kyle’s worried Sheila’s recovery isn’t going as smoothly as the doctors had hoped and he comes up with a plan to keep an eye on her. Touched, Sheila concedes – maybe she could do with a bit of help around the bar. Kyle declines the job offer, but Sheila wins him over with a grade-A guilt trip.

Chris is devastated to hear Lucy’s found another donor. But the sample from the anonymous donor isn’t viable and Lucy decides this is a sign she isn’t mean to be a mother. Paul reveals to Chris that Lucy’s given up on her baby dream… leaving Chris confused.