Naomi supports Paul

Nick is panicked about Paul’s announcement but he is soon reaping the benefits when businesses start calling in pledging money for the research centre. Meanwhile, Brennan approaches Naomi and predicts that now Paul’s illness is out in the open they can resume their relationship. However, although Naomi requests Brennan to give her a night to herself, she is more than willing to keep Paul company over dinner.

Lauren breaks the news about Matt’s corruption to the kids and Amber isn’t angry, instead she realises her dad was only human. When Daniel visits, devastated about Paul’s illness, Paige urges Amber not to tell him about the baby. However, faced with a despondent Daniel urging them to reset the wedding date in order to give everyone a much-needed lift, Amber finally cracks and informs Daniel she’s having a baby.

Having secured Lauren’s support to use Matt’s statement to help get Dimato, Brennan opens up a hornet’s nest of anger in Bailey. Amber insists that the family needs to stay together at this time but Bailey can’t look past his own grief.