Naomi turns singles’ night to her advantage

Naomi turns up late at singles’ night, puts in minimal effort and then goes home early. Later, she arrives at Toadie’s saying a strange man followed her home. Toadie becomes very protective and walks her home, to Naomi’s delight. But at the end of the night she doesn’t seem particularly scared.

Imogen invites Amber along to singles’ night for a bit of fun. When she turns up, she discovers Daniel has been roped in as bartender and is awkward around him. However, her nerves dissolve. And Amber suggests to Imogen that her and Daniel might make a nice couple.

Callum and Josie discover Bailey drinking during the day. They tell Amber and Josh, and Josh decides to have a private word with Bailey. Josh encourages Bailey to focus on his passion, like being an astronaut and Bailey agrees to give it a go.

Josie has heard about Callum’s scholarship. He explains he didn’t tell her because with Sonya’s opposition, he figured it was not worth it. Josie encourages Callum to follow his dreams and Callum does just that, creating further tension between Toadie and Sonya. Meanwhile, Imogen talks to Mark Brennan at the Singles Night but he eventually lets her down gently – he’s not interested. Imogen is heartbroken but Daniel cheers her up.