Nathan’s not happy to see Mummy enjoying herself – especially with another man. But then surely Natasha knew he was more likely to welcome Declan with clenched fists than open arms… She loves the attention from Declan, though, and doesn’t stop him this time when he moves in for a kiss. Enter Nathan, just in time to see Natasha and Declan getting up close and personal. Nasty number one son threatens to tell Maisie and Will where their father is (buried in Home Farm grounds), but Natasha says she won’t be blackmailed by him. Will Nathan keep his mouth shut?

Cain and Ryan can’t keep their mouths shut and take great pleasure in teasing Aaron, even though the lad’s upset about seeing Jackson with another bloke. Their relentless joking pays off, though, and Aaron manages a laugh when he sees the present Cain has bought especially for him: a calendar of hunky men!

But Cain’s not laughing with Declan… The smooth-talking businessman tells Cain he’s getting some work done on his new house and apologises in advance for any inconvenience the builders may cause. It’s clear that he doesn’t really care what Cain thinks, though – and that’s what makes Cain mad!

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