Nasty Nathan is David’s worst nightmare!

So it turns out that tarty Tania isn’t the one who wants to make David squirm. She was doing nasty Nathan’s dirty work and now he has David right where he wants him: which is voting for approval of Declan’s planning application. David doesn’t want to be Nathan’s puppet but the Wylde boy points out that if David doesn’t dance to his tune he can do a lot of damage to his relationship with Leyla. On the other hand, if David votes the right way, Nathan will give him the money for the deposit of Farrer’s. Caught between a rock and a hard place, what will David do?

Nicola’s having one of those bad news/good news days/even worse news days… First, the wheels come off her deal with the wedding car company. Boo! Then charming Charlie steps in to help (becoming quite indispensable around the village, isn’t he?). He puts a smile back on Nicola’s face by telling her she can roll up to her wedding in his flashy sports car. Hooray! Then Jimmy tells his bride-to-maybe-not-be that her court hearing is the same day as their wedding. Boo!

Can Charlie help Nicola? Not this time. He’s off to France with Diane and Victoria… Ooh-la-la!

*Second episode, 8pm*

Nicola’s determined to have her wedding and asks Ashley to do some juggling so that she can put in an appearance at court and get married. That means her hen night is on and feathers fly when she runs into Viv, but Chas hauls her away before she gets arrested again. But while Chas is being a good Samaritan flirty Eve has joined Jimmy’s stag party and is enjoying more than a drink with Carl.

Carl’s not the only bloke who’s not thinking straight… Unable to find a shovel to dig himself out of the hole he’s in, David sinks deeper by agreeing to nasty Nathan’s dirty deal. He tells Nathan he wants the original film taken by tarty Tania and he wants half the money for the house deposit up front. He probably thinks all that gives him the upper hand but, really, he’s just sold his soul to the devil and who knows if he’ll ever be able to afford to buy it back…

David’s dealings make Cain’s torment of Declan look immature, which it is. But he carries on, taking a delivery for Declan that he has no intention of handing over.

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