The police arrive at Home Farm to confirm what Natasha and Nathan already knew: that the body sniffed out by Dingle dog Alfie is that of Mark. So, now the cops need to ask some questions and take statements from Nathan, Maisie, Will, Faye and Ryan. It’s the moment Natasha has been dreading, but the officers point out that the sooner they talk to the family, the sooner they can leave them all alone to grieve… And, apart from Natasha, there is some real grieving to be done. Ryan, for one, has lost his dad before he ever really got to know him beyond the whole bigamy thing.

But it’s Nathan who becomes the focus of attention for the police. They haven’t failed to notice that the number one son is more than a little edgy and they decide they want to ask him some more questions. What? Nathan?!? He can’t believe it and flatly refuses to co-operate.

But the police know just how to deal with temperamental, spoilt, rich kids, who think they’re above the law – they arrest Nathan. Now he’s scared and begs Natasha to get him a lawyer.

*Second episode*

Nathan’s usual smug look is replaced by real fear when he realises the police are going to keep him in custody overnight. They want to talk to him about his nasty temper, but he desperately tries to convince them that Faye is the person with the best motive for murder. They just won’t listen, though. At Home Farm, Natasha actually tells the truth to Maisie and Will when she insists that Nathan is innocent – but that’s as far as she goes. Maisie believes her, too, and tells Ryan that Nathan is not guilty.

The Wyldes aren’t the only villagers with problems – although theirs are the biggest. At The Woolpack, Val is tickled to see that Nicola is struggling with her new role behind the bar. Is the pub in the right hands? Meanwhile, Chas would be less amused to see how close her Carl is getting to dirty, flirty Eve in the pub.

Elsewhere, dreary Doug is drearier than ever after the postman delivers more rejections from jobs he’s applied for. Has he thought about setting up as a private detective? He loves poking his nose into other people’s business…

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