Nasty Nick contacts Charlie

Yvonne tells Charlie they need to flee to Ireland to get away from Nick. Charlie tries to calm her down, suggesting his car may have been vandalised by Max, as a warning not to report Emma. When Nick messages Charlie, Yvonne insists they have to go, but lets Charlie say goodbye to Dot first. Yvonne tells a sad Dot that Charlie has been transferred. At the last minute, Charlie has a change of heart, asking Dot if he can live with her.

Denise struggles to be positive as she visits care homes with Ian. He can’t handle the guilt about Patrick, telling Patrick he can live with them after all and tell Denise about Rainie if he wants. When an emotional Ian reveals how much he loves Denise, Patrick agrees to keep Ian’s secret. Denise is delighted by Ian’s change of mind over Patrick.

Lauren storms out of Beale’s during her shift when Peter is off with her. Giving Peter the chance to confess his feelings for her, Lauren is disappointed when Peter instead claims he’s stressed about the press appeal. When Dean reconsiders hiring Lola, Lauren is grateful. Dean asks Lauren on a date, but she decides to stay and help Peter in Beale’s instead.