Ronnie and Charlie plan to announce their engagement. Telling Roxy first, Ronnie is disappointed by her reaction. Meanwhile, Nick Cotton lurks in the Square, breaking into Ronnie’s to steal her baby scan photo and some cash. At the Mitchells’, Charlie comes to blows with Phil when he’s harsh about the engagement. Roxy finally gives Ronnie her support, encouraging her to arrange an engagement party. When Ronnie and Charlie turn up at Dot’s to tell her their news, they’re in shock to find Nick sitting at the kitchen table. Meanwhile, Dot’s at the front door… Will she find Nick?

Sonia is stressed that she may lose Martin along with Rebecca. When Kush offers to take her for a drink, Sonia covers her upset, claiming she’s just tense about trying to organise a charity fundraiser for Fat Blasters. Suggesting Sonia try a charity calendar, Kush is taken aback when Sonia misinterprets his help, trying to kiss him.

Stacey makes a swift exit from Dean’s bedroom the morning after, insisting that their night together was a mistake. Tina and Tosh are surprised to find Stacey and Lily are living in the flat. Tosh later confides in Stacey, revealing she’s had a negative pregnancy test. Dean lets slip to Stacey he’s relieved as he would have been the dad!