Gina is concerned that Jett has been calling all the Richard Bozics in the area in an attempt to trace his father and convinces him to stop, only to find that one of the names in his list matches the details given to her by Xavier.

In addition, Natalie has used her contacts to track down Bozic and produces a file of information on him. When Gina finds that Jett’s determination has waned, she decides to keep the file from him but Natalie believes that Jett would want to know and urges her to reveal the information.

Casey is disappointed when Danny puts off their road trip and he discusses it with Natalie. She hints to Brax that things have changed and he offers Danny a deal – $50,000 to leave them alone forever. Danny, however, refuses, though insists he wants his money back. Later, Brax finally gets through to Casey who agrees to sit his trials.

Heath’s been avoiding Bianca and when Liam pays a visit and the two agree, amicably, that their marriage has ended, Heath spots them together and misinterprets their closeness. Later, the baby has a fit and a terrified Heath watches on as the medical team gets to work.