She’s a cool one, that Natasha. She’s helped frame Faye’s son Ryan for the murder she committed, but she still has the nerve to ask Faye to go for a walk and talk. But if Natasha seriously thought she’d be able to convince Faye to let Ryan rot in prison Faye is happy to slap the idea right out of her head. Natasha hits back, but Faye hasn’t finished with her.

Alicia and Leyla are two women who do manage to make up (for now). Brenda admits that there were nuts in the birthday cake, even though she told Leyla there weren’t. But it’s Leyla’s sincere apology to Alicia that makes the most difference, plus her assurance that she will always consult Alicia on anything regarding Jacob in the future. Hmmm, wonder what the shelf-life is on that promise?

Pearl’s in a giddy mood because she’s convinced Paddy to put his worries about Jackson to one side and go to a party and she thinks he’s agreed to take her with him. She’s even bought herself a new dress. But Pearl has got her wires crossed – it’s Rhona who’s going to party with Paddy…

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