Natasha buckles as Will goes missing

Crafty Cain finally finds Natasha’s real weak spot: youngest son Will. She’s furious with the boy when he fails to get home from school on time – then she sees why. Will has been with Cain, who drops him home. Now Natasha is starting to see just what Cain is capable of and she’s gripped by fear. But will she give Cain the money he wants – or is she going to get trigger-happy again?

Diane knows exactly what she wants… She wants to sell the pub fast to she can start the rest of her life with dying Charlie. The market’s not exactly flooded with buyers, though, so Diane lowers the price, but doesn’t tell anyone about Charlie’s illness. Is this going to tempt anyone? Does Declan fancy himself as a pub landlord? Or perhaps Turner, Betty, Edna and Pearl could pool their pensions and become the new owners…

Elsewhere, Maisie can’t believe Nikhil has been able to resist her and talks to Katie about her lack of seduction success. Carl, on the other hand, is enjoying a lot of success with Eve. Just how far will he take this flirtation?

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