Maisie tells her despairing mum she tried cocaine when she was clubbing and Natasha wants to know who led her little girl astray. Nicola suggests Natasha talks to Holly. She does more than that; Holly is brought down from her high with a crash when Natasha sacks her for doing drugs with Maisie. Natasha doesn’t stop there, either. In The Woolpack, she tells a stunned Moira and John about their druggie daughter’s antics. They had no idea they had a wild child who could lead a Wylde child astray.

Looking like he’s been at the wrong end of a very angry bull, vet Paddy opens his front door to a shocked Marlon and explains the damage was done by young buck Aaron. Marlon wants to call the police (has he forgotten the Dingle code?) Paddy, though, just wants to help. But Marlon’s furious and tells Chas what her son has done. Desperate to help, Chas goes to Paddy, but he won’t tell her anything…

Olena has no idea Sam hasn’t given up on her. His latest plan involves getting her a fake passport. He’s sure she’ll fall at his feet in gratitude. Hmmm, we don’t think she’ll be doing the falling.

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