Mark and Faye’s dangerous liaisons are over… They’ve tried – and failed – to tell their families that they’re leaving together so they change their minds and decide it would be best to end their relationship. But while they’re saying an intimate goodbye downstairs at Faye’s home, Ryan and Maisie are saying a steamy hello upstairs. Then there’s Natasha… Mark and Faye don’t know that she knows what they’ve been up to but they find out when she bursts into the cottage. As Natasha erupts in a fury, how many truths will be spilled?

At the factory, it appears that Charity’s assertiveness appeals to Nikhil. She wants to get off the production line and thinks she would be the perfect replacement for Faye. When she puts the idea to Nikhil, he suggests they talk about it over lunch. Wonder if Cain is invited, too…

Meanwhile, it seems that Aaron has managed to convince Holly of his heterosexual intentions, but Adam is still sure that Aaron is just putting on an act. His dad sides with Holly, though, and tells Adam to stop causing trouble. He agrees to leave Aaron alone, but just how long can Aaron play it straight?

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