Natasha confronts The Tormentor

Natasha catches nasty Nathan at the family finances – again. First he tells her to give him all her money or he’ll tell everyone that bigamist Mark’s body is fertilising the woods. Then he gives the money back and says he wants to be her number one son. Now she catches him cleaning out the safe. He needs the money to pay off the family’s tormentor but will he tell Natasha that?

Holly could give lessons in lying… She’s on a (natural) high after her holiday but comes down to Earth with a bump when she realises she has to get back to work in the fields. Farmer John and mum Moira want to keep her happy, so they tell her they’ll help her find a different job. Is she really off the drugs now, though? She tells Adam she is – but then she’s good at telling people what they want to hear…

Bob wishes someone had some good news for him… With Diane determined to sell the pub and ship off to France with charming Charlie, Bob realises he could soon be out of a job. The new pub owner might not want a barman with a line in old jokes and an estranged wife with a face that can turn beer bad…

*Second episode, 8pm*

Nasty Nathan reveals to Natasha that he’s not the one who’s after her money this time… and reveals just who it is, Nathan insists they have to pay him off or their secret will be out. But Natasha is not so easily panicked. She doesn’t believe The Tormentor knows what she did – and she doesn’t think he’ll settle for 10,000 pounds. So, she turns up for the meeting he arranged with Nathan and states bluntly that the family has nothing to hide and won’t be blackmailed. There, that’s told them! Hasn’t it..?

Could it really be that the only coke Holly is going to enjoy from now on is the fizzy drink? Well, that’s what she says… She’s got a job in the kitchen at The Woolpack and tells her former partner in crime, Roz, that she’s not up for a big night out because she told her parents she’d be a good girl. And she always keeps her word… doesn’t she?

Shadrach has certainly kept his word… He’s out of hospital and straight into the spare room at Tall Trees. Just want Marlon wanted…not! Still, there is a silver lining: Marlon and lodger Lizzie won’t have to fight the soap-dodger for the bathroom!

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