Natasha discovers the truth about Mark

*One-hour episode*

Natasha takes the bait when Cain hints that Mark lied about the flat and has another woman on the go. Cain gives Natasha the correct number of the flat and she’s stunned when she knocks on the door and Faye answers. Natasha explodes at Faye, but she’s stunned when Faye reveals that Mark’s real name is Daniel Lamb and he’s married to her and they have a son! Natasha confronts Mark, who is forced to admit that it’s true.

Victoria visits Andy and is distressed to discover that he’s still in a world of his own. Paddy and Diane are concerned when three of Andy’s cows escape and roam the village and he seems unconcerned. Paddy goes back to the farm with Andy and is worried about the state of the farm and the animals, but Andy refuses to get into a discussion about it.

David tires of the constant ‘helpful’ suggestions from his constituents and refuses to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme. Pollard goes behind David’s back and encourages Turner to set up a group and he appoints himself chairman. David is miffed at Pollard’s attempt to outfox him and Leyla tells off David for letting Pollard get the advantage.