It’s Natasha’s turn to testify, but why isn’t Nathan there to support her? Well, he’s a bit tied up in a barn – the one Jai has just bought from Pollard. Nathan hears the two men outside talking, but they don’t find him and his kidnapper is confident they won’t. Back in court, Natasha swears to tell the truth and then lies through her teeth. She thinks she’s putting the final nail in Ryan’s coffin, but Nathan is told that it’s him who’ll really suffer if the jury delivers a guilty verdict.

Jai knows nothing about Nathan being stashed in his barn and thinks the only people he has to be concerned about are the Dingles. Jai’s used to money talking and thinks his offer to buy the Dingle property will get through loud and clear. It does – and Zak rejects it just as loudly. Now what? Well, perhaps Charity can help.

And perhaps Rhona would like to hide under the duvet for ever when she wakes up next to Paddy. They both want to hide when they get back to Emmerdale and come face to face with Pearl, who thought she was Paddy’s date.

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