Natasha finds out about Mark’s secret flat

Maisie accidentally opens Mark’s post and Natasha is stunned when she discovers that Mark has bought a flat without telling her. Mark thinks on his feet and tells her it was an investment. Cain learns about the secret flat and is intrigued. Natasha calls Mark’s bluff by asking to see the flat and he’s forced to agree to show her round.

Meanwhile, Ryan has found out Mark’s address and turns up to see him and tells him to stop messing his mother around, as he knows he’s married. Mark insists that Faye is the one who is pursuing him, but Ryan won’t listen and he insists that Mark finishes with Faye face-to-face. Ryan returns home and confesses to Faye that he’s seen Mark and she’s alarmed and makes Ryan promise not to visit Mark again.

Katie is unimpressed when Nathan assumes they can get back together and she tells him exactly where to go. Katie is fuming when she later discovers that the stable door is open and all her horses have escaped. Katie hints to Nathan that she knows that it was no accident and he had something to do with it. Nathan plays innocent and offers to help Katie make up for ‘her mistake’.

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