Natasha has to keep a close eye on Maisie

It has been easy for nasty Nathan and Natasha to dismiss Maisie as a hysterical girl because she does get hysterical at the break of a fingernail. But Maisie has been desperately trying to hold it together since Cain revealed he’d been blackmailing her mother and brother. She tells Ryan what Cain told her and he tells his solicitor. Meanwhile, Nathan has seen Maisie talking to Cain. He guesses she knows more than he wants her to and suggests to his mother that now would be a good time for them to panic. Yep, Natasha can do that, but what can she do about her doubting daughter?

And what can Leyla do about her doubting boyfriend David? She could stop lying to him for a start. But if she did that she would have to tell David about her big family secret… So, she lies to him again, saying she’s treating herself to a day out, then she goes to spy on brother-in-law Justin and young Jacob. But Justin catches her and is persuaded to meet Leyla without angry sister Alicia knowing.

Angry Andy is more nervous than irate as he faces his first counselling session, but Katie’s on hand to support him. Hmmm, she’s getting very involved again…

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