Natasha sends Mark out on an errand, but she is suspicious when she finds out he paid Jimmy to do it. Mark accuses Natasha of being paranoid when she asks where he went and he storms off. Mark finds Debbie and has a go at her for causing trouble between him and Natasha. Natasha apologises to Debbie for Mark’s tirade and vows to get to the bottom of Mark’s strange behaviour.

Zak asks Cain to have a word with Aaron about steering clear of Eli’s dodgy schemes. Aaron acts the big man in front of Cain, but wonders whether he’s got a point. Eli ropes Aaron into stealing red diesel from an abandoned farm and they are almost caught by the police. Cain’s words finally hit home and Aaron vows not to get involved in any more of Eli’s scams.

Betty is unimpressed with Sandy’s love letter and Pearl recites excerpts of the letter to the other villagers. Nicola quickly recognises the style and accuses Betty of stealing Jimmy’s love letter to her, but when she notices Sandy, Jimmy and Doug sharing a guilty look she realises the truth about ‘Jimmy’s’ love letter to her and angrily confronts him. Meanwhile, Sandy gets nowhere trying to woo Betty.