Mark thinks he has wife Number Two Natasha completely fooled over his affair with wife Number One Faye. But Natasha didn’t make her fortune by batting her eyelashes (alone)… She doesn’t miss a trick and has noticed that Mark’s behaving suspiciously.

So, when he says he has a meeting to go to, Natasha follows him and spots his car in the village. Thinking she knows exactly who his ‘meeting’ is with, Natasha keeps an eye on Faye’s cottage. Sure enough, out comes Mark, guilt written all over his face. He doesn’t see Natasha and the hurt on her face. What will she do now?

And what about Ryan and Maisie? They’re getting closer by the second, still not knowing that they share the same father. Aaron’s also playing the kind of games that end with people getting hurt… He’s using Holly to try to convince Adam he’s not gay. But is Aaron actually fooling anyone?

Meanwhile, Charity’s not even trying to pretend she’s enjoying her job at the factory and is not amused when supervisor Chas pulls rank on her. Charity’s just in the mood to give someone a tongue-lashing and Nikhil is the one who gets it when he tries to put her down. Will he be angry, or impressed?

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