Natasha returns from holiday early after finding out that Faye is in the village and she heads straight over to Faye’s to confront her. Natasha reminds Faye about their agreement but Faye says she’ll do whatever is best for her son. Natasha insists that Mark is not interested in her or Ryan and she’s taken aback when Faye reveals that Mark rescued Ryan from the crash at the shop.

Natasha is angry to discover that Nathan has made friends with Ryan and she’s determined to put a stop to it. Mark suggests they pack up and leave the village but an infuriated Natasha insists that she won’t be driven out of her own home by Faye and she vows to scupper Faye’s plans to win Mark back by using Ryan.

Jimmy and Nicola are relieved when it seems their baby girl will be fine and they are completely besotted with her. Carl continues to snap at Lexi despite his promise to make things better between them and he feels uncomfortable being around Nicola and Jimmy’s baby with Lexi.

Also, Terry assures Brenda that she’s more important to him than the B and B and decides to part with his savings.

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