When Donna and Ringo return from their honeymoon they are baffled to see a reporter and photographer from the West Warratah Star outside Paul’s house. Natasha appears, and in a desperate bid to help her friend, she tells them she knows Andrew didn’t push Paul because she witnessed the accident herself.

Believing Ben is gifted, Libby makes him do an online test and when he gets a high score Libby is thrilled. However, when Ben is offered a place at an Arts school far away, Libby says she’s can’t afford it, when the truth is she doesn’t want Ben to leave her. Later, Libby asks Ben if he really wants to go, to which he says not if it will upset her. Despite her sadness, Libby tells Ben she will take him next week.

When Detective Brennan arrives at Michael’s house to ask a few routine questions, Natasha panics and blurts out that the reporter twisted her words. Putting two and two together, Detective Brennan realises that she is the ‘mystery witness.’ He gives her a warning this time, but reminds her next time she’ll be in serious trouble. However, thinking it’s all over, Natasha is horrified when she appears on the front cover of the West Warratah Star with the headline ‘Teen Lies To Protect Ex.’

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