The Wylde world continues to lurch from one worry to the next… Nathan, who has been good for nothing but nastiness up until now, offers to help struggling Natasha run the estate. She would be wise to remember he is the son of the cowardly, useless man she murdered. But the miserable Maisie distracts Natasha. She finds out from Diane that Maisie isn’t the bubbly barmaid she’d like her to be so Natasha talks to Faye, telling her to keep Ryan away from Maisie. That could be difficult, as Ryan isn’t taking his mum’s advice, he’s telling her she has to choose between him and his father.

Meanwhile, Victoria gets a dose of her own medicine and returns from school bloodied and bruised. A shocked Diane thinks Hannah has been standing up for herself again but Victoria admits it was Kayleigh. Moira wants to take action – but what exactly does she have in mind?

And what on earth is Carl thinking? Not of his children Thomas and Anya, that’s for sure! Jimmy and Chas are worried about the lengths Carl is going to avoid spending time with his kids. Maybe he just doesn’t have the makings of a father in him…