Natasha reveals Leanne’s dark past!

Nick visits Carla and throwing down the gauntlet he tells her George has reversed his decision. And he’s got premises, work and staff. But Carla won’t go down without a fight and meeting Paul she offers to undercut Nick, claiming she has builders, staff and premises lined up too. Paul has to make a decision whether to double-cross Nick. Meanwhile, Leanne and Peter find themselves in an unlikely Rovers foursome with Natasha and Nick. But when talk turns to how Nick and Leanne eloped, Natasha turns prickly. Playing her ace card she reveals to the shocked group that Leanne was on the game.

The social worker’s confused as an angry Steve and Becky demand to know why the Windasses were allocated a child first. Anna clears up the misunderstanding telling them it’s her nephew. Later, Dawn talks the McDonalds through the system.

Anna’s nephew ruins their sofa and Eddie knows just the man to ask. He hassles John to sell him a new sofa, as John panics thinking his cover could be blown.

Also, Graeme gets the wrong end of the stick completely when talking to David and starts to worry that Tina’s going off him. David only helps to confirm his fears.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Audrey‘s fired up by Lewis’ old flame. When Audrey and Lewis bump into Claudia she admits she’s been trying to book him but can see Audrey got in first. Audrey’s quick to correct that Lewis is no longer an escort as they’re a couple. Claudia’s stunned.

Paul’s made a decision to go behind Nick’s back and take Carla’s money. So Nick’s aghast when Paul reveals he’s decided to put his next order elsewhere – with Underworld. Storming round to see Carla Nick demands to know what she’s playing at. Carla’s cool and calm as she sets out her plan, telling him she warned she’d finish him sooner or later. A furious Nick leaves, but it’s Leanne he goes see not Natasha. He knows that it’s now time to reveal all, and dropping a bombshell, he tells her he still loves her.

John desperately tries to put Eddie off buying a sofa, but he’s not listening and when he says he’ll meet him at the store on Monday, John panics. Meanwhile, Ches is suspicious when Charlotte calls round again.

Also, Graeme’s convinced his ‘I love you’ has scared off Tina.

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