A devastated Natasha tries to explain to a stunned Nick why she did what she did. When she desperately brings Leanne into the conversation Nick lashes out.

Nick confirms his feelings for Leanne and leaves Natasha a broken woman. She is cast out by the rest of the family and flees to the flat, where Nick later finds her unconscious with a bottle of pills.

Rosie enlists Jason‘s help and borrowing her dad’s car they head to Cumbria to bring Sian and Sophie home. When they arrive back in Weatherfield a relieved Sally and Kevin are just grateful to have her home, and all arguments are forgotten.

Also, Ciaran and Betty are at war. Ciaran wants to practise his recipes for his interview, but Betty is having none of it.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Nick insists on going with Natasha in the ambulance as she is rushed to hospital and when Leanne sees how distraught he is she tells him she’s coming too. She’s Nick’s rock as he waits in the relatives’ room for news. He tells her the whole story and it reminds them both of her abortion. Nick clings to Leanne’s kind words as he waits to see if Natasha will pull through.

Sophie and Sian face the music at the Websters as they explain the story of living in the nightmare student digs. But the real reason that they ran away isn’t discussed until Sian’s dad arrives and starts to berate his foolish daughter. Desperate not to be parted from Sophie Sian blurts out the truth.

When her dad lays into Sophie, accusing her of leading his daughter astray, Sally steps in and asks him to leave, but it’s clear she’s just as uncomfortable with the situation as he is.

Also, Michelle is devastated that Ciaran is leaving, but is unsure whether to take Liz’s advice and tell him how she really feels.

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