Natasha’s campaign against Chris and Summer eventually comes unstuck and Michael discovers she was behind the rumours. Treating Natasha like any other pupil, Michael interrupts a lesson to ask his daughter to publicly stand up in front of the class and admit that she made up the rumours about Chris, and to say sorry.

Steph arrives at Harold’s Store and asks Kate and Donna to make her a very plain and simple wedding dress. Lyn hears and is not impressed. When Steph leaves, she catches her mum approaching Kate, and waits to see what will happen. Lyn gives Kate a different brochure and tells her to make a more romantic dress instead. Furious, Steph reminds her mum that she doesn’t want a dress that’s fussy. Lyn suggests that in order to make the wedding look real, it has to be more romantic.

Later, at the school afternoon tea, Michael announces that a local business has donated barbecues to the school. The kids all cheer, and the back of the truck opens up to reveal Natasha and Andrew, kissing in the back of the truck, in front of the barbecues. Natasha looks more than satisfied with her act of revenge!

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