The truth comes out in the Wylde world and it ain’t pretty… Natasha rages while Mark tries to lie his way out of the compromising position he has been caught in with Faye. Upstairs, Ryan and Maisie hear the shouting and race to see what’s happening between their parents.

Shocked to hear they’ve been dating, Natasha tells them the awful truth: they’re brother and sister. That’s an instant passion killer… Maisie is physically ill and Ryan turns on Mark. Meanwhile, Natasha is relieved to learn that they haven’t slept together. But there’s no comfort for Mark. Will he be left with nothing?

The Wylde goings-on almost make the Dingles seem suburban – almost. Cain sees Charity turning her charms on Nikhil over lunch, where she’s trying to win the PA job, and he comes over all caveman. Cain hauls Charity outside but she tells him off for making such a scene. They end their argument in their own way – with passion. But will Cain want Charity to be so ambitious?

Jimmy doesn’t want Nicola to be so ambitious with her plans for Angelica’s christening. She agrees to cut back – and to Carl being a godfather. But will Nicola be able to contain her spending when Scarlett offers to help pay for the event?

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