Declan’s determined that business will return to normal at Home Farm, but Natasha and Nathan have other ideas. They offer to buy Declan’s 51 per cent share so that they can resume full control and get rid of him and his suspicious mind. These two are used to getting what they want – but not this time. Declan has plans of his own – and they include buying out Natasha and getting the whole Wylde family out of his life. The battle lines have been drawn and this is going to be a dirty fight. Bring it on!

There’s a fight brewing in Leyla’s life, too. Brother-in-law Justin turns up to tell her that Alicia knows they met behind her back and their marriage is over. This big secret of Leyla’s is bubbling to the surface and she won’t be able to keep a lid on it much longer…

Word is out that Nicola and Jimmy won’t be buying The Woolpack and there’ll be plenty ready to celebrate that news with a drink. But Diane’s not one of them. Conman Charlie has cleaned her out and she desperately needs to sell up, so she drops the price, hoping to attract a buyer.

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