Sonya is taken to the police station for questioning, but is released shortly afterwards. Andrew arrives demanding to know why she has been released, and Rebecca is called in to calm him down. With Andrew’s temper getting out of control, he quizzes Rebecca about why he was the last to know Paul had cheated on her. As his anger starts to boil over, Declan intervenes and the boys fight.

Following the revelation that Sonya has a criminal record for assault, she explains she was a different person back then but doesn’t want to talk about it. Later, Sonya opens up to Toadie, but he tries to stop her, telling her it’s in the past.

However, she tells him that when her family tried to stop her gambling, she pushed her sister and broke her arm. Her sister pressed charges to scare her, but the family was torn in half as a result. Toadie feels sad for Sonya when she says she always hoped they’d come to find her.

Just as Declan manages to convince Andrew to let the police do their job, Natasha continues to push Andrew into heading up his own investigation. Andrew is reluctant but when Natasha informs him if it was her dad in a coma she would want answers, it hits a nerve and he agrees.

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