Natasha vows to get rid of Faye

Mark wakes up in his hotel room and worries when Natasha isn’t there, but he finds her having breakfast. Natasha finds a missed call from Faye on his mobile and drowns it in the coffee pot. A resigned Mark tells Natasha that she’ll have to split from him, as they’ll never escape Faye. Natasha angrily agrees to tell the children their marriage is over, but she can’t bring herself to do it and instead tells Mark that they need to get rid of Faye and Ryan for good.

Lexi is devastated when she’s told that her remaining fallopian tube is damaged and she will never be able to conceive naturally. When Carl gets home from work he asks her how her appointment went and she lies that everything is fine. Carl is awkward when Lexi tells him there’s no time like the present to start trying for another baby.

Gennie’s pride is hurt after her disastrous internet date. Jamie tries to encourage Gennie to go back to the dating site by rewriting her profile. Brenda tells Gennie her fears that she’ll only attract weirdos and perverts on the internet and Gennie tells Jamie she’s calling it all off and insists she’s going to find Mr Right the traditional way.