Natasha wants Mark to get rid of Ryan

Ryan calls at Home Farm to pick Nathan up for a drink. Nathan heads upstairs to change and there’s an awkward atmosphere when Ryan is forced to wait in the living room and make small talk with Mark. Natasha is furious to find Ryan in her house and after another encounter with Faye she vows to get them out of the village. Natasha demands that Mark contact his friend in Dubai to organise a job for Ryan. Mark feels bad about using such an underhand method to get Ryan and Faye out of the village.

Carl is still avoiding Lexi and when he arrives at the hospital with Jimmy after an afternoon in the pub wetting the baby’s head, Nicola is angry that Carl is avoiding his marital problems. Meanwhile, Lexi is in denial that anything is wrong in her marriage and refuses to confront her husband.

Ashley is put out when Bishop Postlethwaite adds to his heavy workload by asking him to look into finding new ways of reaching out to the community. The Bishop wants Ashley to champion his new scheme, ‘Play Together, Pray Together’.

Also, Marlon is concerned that Jake seems depressed he can’t go to Spain; Debbie has a date with Michael and reveals her history with Jasmine.

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