Natasha wants to confess to Maisie!

You can’t even break wind in Emmerdale without everyone knowing about it, so it’s no surprise that the village is full of gossip about the flowers Natasha received from bigamist Mark. Faye is furious; she thinks Natasha knows where Mark is. And she does, of course, as she buried him in the woods after she shot him…

But Natasha is more concerned about Maisie, whose fragile mental state is in danger of collapsing again. Natasha thinks telling Maisie the truth will help her cope but Nathan disagrees. In a bid to give his sister some peace of mind, he tells Maisie he sent the flowers. Slap! That’s what he gets for what Maisie sees as a sick joke.

Talking of tricks… Diane wants to move to France with charming Charlie, but he tells her he has no money to finish his chateau. No problem, says Diane, he can have money from the sale of The Woolpack. Is that what Charlie has been after all along?

We all know what – or who – Marlon has been after: Rhona. And she thinks the chef is quite tasty, too. They develop their appetite for each other over dinner – then Paddy interrupts. That man needs to work on his timing…

*Second episode, 8pm*

Charming Charlie insists he doesn’t want Diane’s money… but he does want her to be his wife! If she’s going to live with him in France, he says, then they have to go as Monsieur and Madame. Diane’s answer? Oui! Val is beside herself with excitement and announces Charlie and Diane’s engagement to everyone in The Woolpack – including dull Doug. Unlike everyone else, he’s not happy for the couple. Is it just sour grapes, or is he right to think Diane’s making a big mistake?

Meanwhile, the person who brought Mark Wylde back to life has been revealed to viewers… but not to Natasha. She still has no idea who really sent her the flowers. And what of the stalker? Just how much does he/she really know?

Rhona’s not keeping any secrets from Marlon… While he has hidden his desire for her out of fear of rejection, she decides it’s time to stop playing safe and gives him a big kiss in the pub. Go for it, Marlon!

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