Outside Naomi’s ‘hotel box’ promotion, social media erupts at Lassiters’ progressive attitude to same-sex relationships. Later, Nate tries a bit of acting and plants a Hollywood pash on Aaron – leaving the boys shaken by the intensity of the kiss.

Sheila confesses she tried to warn Paul against taking up with Naomi because she thought he was too old for her. Naomi’s hurt but urges her mum to support her new relationship. Sheila invites them both around for dinner but Naomi panics and asks Amy and Jimmy to come. It’s certainly going to be an interesting evening…

When Jimmy discovers Sonya’s cache of Ramsay Street secrets, Karl will do anything to keep his from getting out – bribing Jimmy with his muffin. Later, Jimmy reveals he held one secret back: he knows Sheila has a thing for Paul Robinson.

Amy’s copping a belting from Kyle in the Most Unique Tradie comp, and his cockiness only riles Amy to bet on the outcome – the loser does a nudie run through Lassiters. The next thing Kyle knows, he’s facing the embarrassing prospect of running starkers through town.