Nate and Sophie get it on…

When Hannah and Zac are walking past Angelo’s they see Nate and Sophie on their date. Hannah hijacks their date to see if the doctor has any advice on what she can do to help Oscar conquer his anxiety woes. Frustrated, Sophie asks Zac to make Hannah go away, however, before he has the chance, Hannah realises she ruining their date and leaves. Nate and Sophie end up kissing and spend the night together; yet when Matt sees the doctor in the same suit walking home, he’s furious.

Spencer finds Matt in his dressing gown after sleeping with Sasha. When they get back to school there is tension between the two boys and Spencer announces to the student body that the pair are having sex. Ms Taylor hears the scene and immediately calls Sasha and Matt into her office for a grilling. Yet the teacher gets a rude awakening when Matt reminds her about her night with Nate. This prompts Sophie to tell Nate and Matt to respect the line between personal and professional. Matt also shares his insecurities with Sasha, telling her that he may not be good enough for her.

Also, Josh is nervous about his history results and Maddy isn’t helping. Evelyn, on the other hand is eager for Zac to tell her Josh’s results so she can put him out of his misery. Josh ends up passing but Maddy reveals she’s failed. Forgetting to congratulate him, Josh thinks it may be time to end their relationship.